Kept wondering what to start this blog with?? tag line: fool me once- you know the rest of that saying. SO…I guess the biggest fool of all is me for being real and not pretending to be a GC, contractor, know-it-all decorator… Nevertheless, how fooled are all of you for hiring the Painter-turned-Design- Expert -doesn’t even know what furring out a wall means or blocking OR  the window treatment shop who has just become a design-build firm (yeah right)… That custom cabinet with cut out detail is just a cheap template frame in inexpensive wood – the glass should have been recessed into the frame of that fretwork. When the marble ( not!) countertop was installed with a 4in overhang.. you are now forced to sit sideways. The excuse- the slab wasn’t big enough.

I apologize profusely for the falsity of the profession but you sort of get what you pay for- someone with the “gift of gab” not an expert. Don’t buy into the bs. Why not just hire the talent from the onset? Pay for THE Architect or Interior Designer who has credentials, is certified ( not certifiable), and will deliver what’s promised (albeit-maybe at a somewhat higher cost) . The return on your money is infinite as the design will ADD VALUE to your home! Quite frankly, I’m fed up with being called in to fix the mistakes. I hold myself to a higher standard… a level of excellence in delivering a great design  -design being the opportune word.

“Who is that fool dressed in designer best??? Cant see her or him ’cause they are the Evaporated Moron!”