ROSANNAROBIN ,CIDQ of ROSANNAROBINatelier has practiced professionally the art of INTERIOR DESIGN and ARCHITECTURAL INTERIORS. As a curator of both Residential and Hospitality spaces, ROSANNAROBIN stands true to being a prolific creative: consistently crafting, imagining, and envisioning unique environments. A simple or complex idea accumulates into that W-O-W! reaction,  always evoking a positive response.


ROSANNAROBIN‘s STYLE is what she refers to as “moderne nouveau”- creating movement in a space through the use of architectural materials,fabrics, and finishes… paying close attention to all planes (ceiling/walls/floors) as they document a space’s lifestyle as much as the interior furnishings. In addition, she specializes in manipulating formidable surfaces such as natural stone and glass into appearing fluid and energetic, floating and ethereal.

The WORKSHOP emphasizes a commitment to executing creative concepts and  FF&E selection of luxe materials as well as offering  value-added project consulting services. Most importantly, the studio continually sources Internationally and in the local markets for the most innovative materials, finishes, technology, and products  that can be utilized in creating that unique Residential home and Commercial Interior.

“While everyone was designing in beige,

I was creating in shades of grey!”