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“Shades of Grey” takes on a new meaning in Design… with#contemporary trends of grey, grey and more grey- whether greige ( beige undertone for warmth), charcoal ( for drama), plain grey ( cement block as a neutral ground) or its multitude of variations in tones and textures. Grey or gray is achromatic- color without color and can become depressing especially on dreery, tumultuous winter days. This home designed in 2012 needed a facelift …well more of an UPLIFT circa 2018! So here’s the tip- Neutrals ALWAYS need a pop of color to STIMULATE the senses: mount a piece of modern art (seen above) in a not so typical location, drop a bowl of EVE’S ruby red apples on the #countertop ( HEY- ITS ALL ABOUT TEMPTATION), furnish with lustrous stools that do more than add comfort to one’s derriere, switch out HARDware to brass or bronze from passe stainless, push the piece of that whimsical #decorative  object to the forefront on shelves and tables ! INVIGORATE beyond that neutral… Its kitchens as art simply 1,2,3! “Who is that fool dressed in designer best??? Cant see her or him ’cause they are the Evaporated Moron!” Not!